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Concept Publishing is a specialised media company providing strategic electronic marketing & communication services through the creation, production & distribution of custom e-Zines, e-Mailers & Websites.

Creating Value

We specialise in the augmentation & advancement of communication initiatives & brand identities through the conceptualisation, production & distribution of custom digital publishing solutions - helping our clients communicate faster, more efficiently & cost effectively. We customise our services to clients to achieve their specific marketing & communication objectives.

Case Study

We created Living the Good Life with Platinum from Absa in 2008 with the aim of producing a digital media solution that would assist Absa Platinum Banking in maintaining & building brand loyalty & affinity that would be a true value-add to their customers. MORE

About Us

Concept Publishing was established in Cape Town in 2007 and brings decades of custom publishing expertise to the art of electronic communication. Our focussed approach, meticulous attention to detail & dedication to service delivery & customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our success.

Our Vision

To enhance, compliment & support the communication & marketing of our clients through strategic electronic publishing services.

Our Mission

The creation of excellent electronic publishing solutions ito content, design & functionality. We develop client relationships through the provision of a total outsourced solution while providing the client with arms-length control over the product.

Our Values

Courage of conviction
Value creation

What We Do

Concept Publishing offers a comprehensive range of electronic publishing services, from conceptualisation & content provision to production, distribution & database management. Our services can be utilised as a complete solution or specific services can be provided to meet the requirements of individual assignments.

  • Obtaining knowledge of the client or product's image and identity
  • Readership and target market profile analysis
  • The formulation of a custom publishing concept, including relevant article categories
  • Design, layout, format and functionality
  • Hard coding of design, format, functionality and content into HTML / PDF format
  • Project management and the regular provision of progress reports
  • Maintenance and updating of content
  • Submission of article ideas
  • Production of detailed editorial briefs
  • Commissioning of articles to appropriate, suitably qualified writers
  • Editing, proofreading, sub-editing and translation of content
  • Sourcing, re-sizing and compression of relevant images per article
  • Distribution of e-mailers and PDF documents to pre-defined e-mail databases
  • Reporting of e-mails sent, delivered and opened
  • Administration of hard and soft bounces
  • Management of subscriptions
  • Management of un-subscribed addresses
  • Administration of address changes
  • Handling of technical queries
  • Processing and communication of responses
  • Hosting of electronic magazines
  • Hosting management of websites

Case Study

We created Living the Good Life with Platinum from Absa in 2008 with the aim of producing a digital media solution that would assist Absa Platinum Banking in maintaining and building brand loyalty and affinity that would be a true value-add to their customers.

In collaboration with Absa Platinum Banking, we conceptualised and produced a bespoke monthly electronic magazine with defined article categories that cater to the information needs of their diverse client profile and drives valuable user experience and interaction.

The layout of the magazine is clean and visually appealing, and the sections are logically and clearly defined - readability and ease of navigation are the hallmarks of our digital publishing solutions. Apart from the engaging, interesting and informative content that we produce on a monthly basis, the magazine also contains a defined section for Absa Platinum Banking articles, which they use to inform, educate and reward their customers.

We generate article ideas, commission writers, edit and translate the content, source all images, produce and code the magazine in English and Afrikaans, distribute the magazines via e-mail, manage the distribution database and provide a detailed uptake analysis.

The magazine has grown from strength to strength over the years, and the reader uptake and interaction prove that the magazine fulfils its mandate by building brand loyalty and affinity and being a true value-add to both Absa and its customers.

Why an electronic magazine

  • The costs associated with an electronic magazine are very competitive when compared to other forms of media.
  • The effectiveness and reach of the communication can be monitored and detailed illustrative analysis can be provided. “What can’t be measured can’t be managed”.
  • The distribution of an electronic magazine is targeted and non-intrusive.
  • An electronic magazine is environmentally friendly and forms part of a responsible and sustainable communication strategy.
  • A much larger audience can be reached as compared to traditional media.
  • Many more marketing opportunities exist in an electronic magazine than in other forms of media.
  • It would drive traffic to the company’s website.

Why custom publishing

  • Custom publishing marries the marketing ambitions of a company with the information needs of its target audience. This occurs through the delivery of editorial content so intrinsically valuable that it moves the recipient’s behavior in a desired direction. (
  • Custom publishing continues to show strong growth as both funding and the number of new titles increases, according to a study by the Custom Publishing Council in cooperation with Publications Management.
  • The study — “Characteristics Study: A Look at the Volume and Type of Custom Publications in America” — attributes the upward trend in custom publishing to increased spending by corporations, a surge in high-revenue businesses and a consistent move from the newsletter to the magazine format.
  • In 2006, the magazine format accounted for 41% of the market share and the use of newsletters dropped to 35%. (
  • Custom publishing is undoubtedly emerging as one of the most effective ways to build brand affinity.
  • Research conducted by UK-based Millward Brown shows that a reader spends an average of 25 minutes reading a custom magazine. This increases sales by 8% and brand loyalty by 32%.
  • The UK-based Association of Publishing Agencies (APA) in its Advantage Study published in 2007, says: 29% of readers visit the company's website after reading a custom magazine, compared to 14% for consumer magazines. Another 13% request further information from the company. (
  • A survey from Veronis Suhler Stevenson found that custom publishing on both the consumer and b-to-b sides grew 29% in 2005 and that custom publishing is now the eighth-largest media sector. The VSS study also found that: 80% of respondents say they’d rather see marketing information in a collection of articles, rather than in an advertisement. 70% said custom publications make them feel closer to a company. 40% say they are more likely to buy a product from a company that provides custom marketing information.


Concept Publishing specializes in the production & distribution of custom electronic publishing solutions in the form of e-Mailers, e-Zines & Websites. Businesses can utilize these tools to communicate with their various stakeholders, including customers, suppliers & staff members. We manage the entire process with built-in approvals by the client.

An e-Mailer is an HTML document that can include images and that is delivered to the e-mail inbox of a member of a mailing list. e-Mailers can be created for once-off marketing purposes, for the distribution of electronic magazines or newsletters or for the distribution of PDF documents. e-Mailers can also be used to distribute links to articles or other content hosted on a company's website.
An e-Zine is an online magazine or electronic newsletter and can be customised to augment communication with various stakeholders. Corporate newsletters are enhanced by adding images & articles written specifically for the target readership. Concept Publishing has access to a wide network of editorial specialists across all fields of journalism.
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Concept Publishing offers a professional and creative web-design service. We will create a custom website for your company based on your specific needs and expectations.

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